A Question for Senator Cornyn

Progrexas sent out a request asking for additional content, and I had prepared this for a Town Hall in Temple that ended up being a private dinner that I can’t get into. So I decided to share it here.

Good evening, Senator Cornyn.

My name’s Trent Champ and I’m Sole Elected National Delegate for Bernie Sanders representing ALL 850,000 of the good people of Senate District 24.

Welcome to Temple, sir.

The events of the last seven days have revealed a monarch,
where a president once stood.

Time after time, both during the campaign, and after the general election, Trump supporters indicated that they were:
1. Anti-Establishment
2. Anti-Wall Street and Big Banks, and
3. Anti-Insiders and incumbents, (“Drain the Swamp!”)

When the majority of Trump supporters were asked if they were racist, they said, “NO!”
When they were asked if they were sexist, they said, “NO!”
When they were asked if they wanted to deport their immigrant neighbors and “Dreamers”, they said, “NO! That’s un-American and if the government starts doing that, I’ll fight it.”

When asked WHY they would support Trump in light of his repeatedly stated positions, they said they simply didn’t believe him, chalking it up to reality television sensationalism and empty political rhetoric.

Now that the swamp has undergone reclamation rather than draining, and all the things the Trump supporters didn’t believe, and didn’t want have now been enacted by regal decree, (the gag rule on abortion, DAPL, the wall, deportations, and healthcare, just to name a dizzying few), the great majority of the country now stands UNITED in opposition.

So my question for you tonight, sir, is,
“How do expect to maintain elected office?”

Because the current mood and opinion of the electorate, is that the grassroots wave of populism taking this country by STORM will produce candidates of integrity on both sides of the aisle, and most of those currently holding office will not survive their next primary.



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