Fundraiser for Texas Water Protectors To Be Held in Ft. Worth on January 19

There’s no denying the impact the thousands of water protectors at Standing Rock have had on our nation. The resilience of the Sioux tribe, and the countless other tribes who showed up in solidarity, has forever cemented them as leaders in the movement for justice.

It is precisely that courage and determination in the face of overwhelming odds that has resulted in a call for help here in the state of Texas. The Big Bend Defense Coalition called upon the Society of Native Nations to collaborate on the creation of the “Two Rivers Camp” in order to stand up to the Dakota Access Pipeline’s twin project, the Trans-Pecos Pipeline.

Though this project is a gas pipeline, the ramifications of leaks or explosions would be devastating. It stands to go under the Rio Grande and currently has not undergone any type of environmental impact study. Those already helping with the camp setup (the camp was officially opened on December 30, 2016) hope to recreate the same type of resistance as the water protectors at Standing Rock.

Meanwhile, the Society of Native Nations is in need of fundraising help to get the camp ready to sustain the number of people it hopes to attract to help defend the Big Bend area. A fundraiser will take place on January 19th, at the Blue Mesa on Carroll St in Fort Worth, from 5-7 pm. The $50 suggestion donation will include one drink ticket and admission to the Counter Inaugural Ball, taking place from 7pm-12 am at Shipping & Receiving Bar on South Calhoun St, also in Fort Worth. Those wishing to only attend the Counter Inaugural Ball are asked to provide a $16 minimum donation.

Be sure to RSVP on the event page.



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