10 Bonafide Progressive Candidates Running for Office in the Lone Star State

1. Steven Kling
What makes Steven different? – He’s a Democrat that gets Rural Texans. Unlike many candidates, Steven understands that Rural texas faces unique challenges and has needs that have been long ignored by the Texas legislature. His platform in the SD25 race includes expanding funding for rural schools as well healthcare reform for both urban and rural people – who have for too long suffered under some of the lowest insurance rates and health outcomes in the country.

⭐️Likes: Innovation, Veterans 🇺🇸, Rick and Morty, BBQ, Watching cheesy movies with his kids
⭐️Dislikes: Theocrats, Special Interest groups, Student Debt, Cannabis prohibition, Commercials, Time away from his family, Conspiracy theories ,The word moist


2. Danielle Pellett

What’s the deal Dani? – Dani is a New Deal Democrat running (Tx-32) to unseat Pete Sessions. She is an advocate for transparency in politics and government, a Trans Rights activist , and she has a track record of getting things done for Progressives. From her work to change the Democratic Party’s platform to her work on getting money and undue influence out of politics as a whole – Dani’s fight has been for greater equality in society and for a fairer political process. In addition to this, Pellets grassroots campaign which began almost immediately after the presidential election, is lesson for progressives across the state due to her success at rallying people early and in large numbers.

⭐️Likes:Science 🔬, Grassroots politics, Harry Potter 🌙
⭐️Dislikes: Corporate Lobbyists, Dark Money, Bigots


3. Steve Riddell

What does Steve believe? – Steve is running in Texas’ 92nd House district and wants to focus on public schools, ensuring adequate funding for education and implementing policies that work – regardless of where they traditionally fit on the spectrum of political ideology.

⭐️Likes: Business, Education📓, Marbley brisket, Hard-boiled detective novels
⭐️Dislikes: Intolerance, Injustice, Mosquitoes


4. Dorotha Ocker

What does Ocker offer? – Dorotha is a labor and employment lawyer running for State Representative House District 115. Ocker wants to invest in schools and roads without increasing taxes on everyday Texas families. She is an eighth-generation Texan and a small business owner so she understands the needs of everyday people and families in the Lone Star State.

⭐️Likes: Neighborhood schools✏️, Equal pay 💰, Local control, Black cats
⭐️Dislikes: Tuition deregulation


5. Justin Snider

Why do working class people see a fighter in Snider? – His slogan says it all Y’all , he is not a politician. Nonetheless, Snider who tends to look like he just finished some form of Manual labor -has a base and platform , both of which, are progressive and populist. Snider is running for U.S. House in Texas Congressional District 6 and hopes to help revolutionize the way everyday people approach politics.

⭐️Likes: Debt free higher education, Single payer forms of health care 🏥 , Unions, Manual labor ⚙️
⭐️Dislikes: The school to prison pipeline, Injustice, Corruption, Being a “Politician”


6. Derrick Crowe

What to know about Derrick Crowe: Derrick is running for congress in the 21st District of Texas. He hopes to protect political liberty through working and bringing back trust-busting and fixing the rigged economy. Crow’s major focuses includes economic reforms that work for working class people, Health care as a human right, and investment in green energy.

⭐️Likes: Fixing the Rigged Economy, Green Energy♻️
⭐️Dislikes: Big Banks, Climate Change Deniers


7. Susanna Woody

Who is Susanna? Susanna Woody is running for a seat on Travis County’s County Commissioner’s Court Pct.4, and hopes to improve transportation, county services and economic development for everyday people. Woody’s approach to improving people’s everyday lives, exemplifies the large spectrum of work progressive politicians can engage in or accomplish at all levels of government.

⭐️Likes: Economic development, Progress, Chocolate Cake🎂
⭐️Dislikes: Waiting, Money in Politics, Scott Elder Car Sales Commercials.


8. Dan Epstein

What’s Dan’s plan? Dan’s campaign in CD-19 which covers a large part of West Texas, hopes to help restore American Democracy through policies that promote greater enfranchisement to all members of the community. Epstein’s grassroots campaign in one of the reddest areas of the state, exemplifies how progressives can appeal to voters in ways traditional Democrats have not explored in years. Epstein is an advocate for progressive tax reform that lightens the burdens on working people by requiring the investor class to do their part, green energy initiatives, and moving toward a single payer form of healthcare.

⭐️Likes: Food Security, Equality ⚖️, A fair shot for All Texans, Big Texas Steak Ranch, Martinis 🍸
⭐️Dislikes Racial Profiling, Gov’t for the Rich, Dictators

9. T.G. Caraway

Who is T.G.? T.G.is running for Lubbock County Commissioner Pct. 4. Caraway Is a long time community activist and advocate for family farmers, veterans, state employees, home healthcare workers, and teachers. Caraway’s major focus is on ensuring working class and everyday people have a seat at the table when the powers that be meet to decide their fate.

⭐️Likes: Economic Development, Renewable Energy⚡️, History
⭐️Dislikes: Water Shortages, Dr. Steven Hotze, Nonsense ☕️


10. Ryan Stone

Ryan is a current City Council Member for the City of Manor and is running for Congress in Texas’ 10th District in the U.S. House of Representatives. Stone has been backed by innovative new group Brand New Congress that plans on running a post-partisan slate of candidates for Congress with a platform and policy that closely resembles what was laid out for voters in Bernie Sanders’ 2016 primary campaign ✊.

⭐️Likes: Winning Elections, Great Jobs ⏰, Living Wages, Medicare for All
⭐️Dislikes: Rural Poverty, Hopelessness, Stepping on Legos



-Alexandra Catherine Hunter




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