DCDP Executive Committee To Fill Open Precinct Chair Seats at January 30 Meeting

The Dallas County Democratic Party currently has hundreds of Precinct Chair positions vacant. At DCDP Executive Committee meeting on Monday, January 30th, the committee will vote on and swear in candidates for open positions.

Precinct Chairs are responsible for turning out the vote in their precincts and they receive training and access to NGP VAN to help their efforts. Precinct Chairs are also automatically members of the Dallas County Democratic Party Executive Committee which means a seat at the table where decisions about the Party are made.

To find out which precinct chair posts are open visit this link. You must fill out the midterm vacancy application and submit it by Friday January 27th. If you don’t know your precinct, a map of all the precincts can be found here. You can also look up your precinct by your address here. If your precinct is vacant you will most likely run unopposed. If your precinct is taken you can try to apply for a neighboring precinct.

The DCDP Executive Committee meeting where these positions will be filled will occur Monday, January 30 at 6:30 pm at the CWA Hall, 1408 Washington Avenue, Dallas, TX.



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