DSA-NTX Meeting Planned for December 13th

Join us for our December Meetup & Potluck with Robert Caldwell . Bring some food to share with the group. We will provide the drinks!
This month we are happy to announce that Robert Caldwell will join us. Robert Caldwell is a doctoral candidate in the Transatlantic History Program at the University of Texas at Arlington.
His academic interests include American Indian studies, history of cartography, ethnohistory, political economy, foodways, colonialism and imperialism; borderlands and frontiers, global labor migration, and ethnicity.
Robert is also a fellow Socialist and a member of Solidarity. He is also a contributing writer to Solidarity, the on-line magazine. Robert Caldwell was also very active in the planning process for the Socialist Convergence in Philadelphia during the convention. You don’t want to miss this meeting.
As always, this meeting is open to the public and we welcome all interested non-members!



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