Could the Indivisible Guide be the Right Plan for Progressive Coalitions?

Progressives looking for advice as the new administration takes office may want to check out the Indivisible Guide. Officially titled “Indivisible: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda” it is making the rounds in Facebook discussions, on Twitter and being introduced by many Democrats and activists to organizations around the country and right here in Texas.

In the guide, a group of former Congressional staffers reveal how a small group of focused, coordinated, independently acting political groups were able to push unpopular legislation and bring a majority of conservative outsiders into elected positions within a couple of election cycles. It clearly maps out the process and actions used by the Tea Party and lays out how progressives can use the same tactics to resist new legislation even while holding a minority of Congressional seats. The guide’s creators, collaborators and fans believe the plan would net similar results, leading to pulling the pendulum of power back toward liberal and progressive desires.

The Indivisible Guide website offers activists, concerned liberals and progressives three very important things that may just become the cornerstone of successful resistance against the coming conservative and regressive legislations that the incoming administration all but promises are coming. First, there is the very easy to follow guide and a printable version free to use. Secondly, the website offers a list of groups that are organizing to implement the plan in a very easy to navigate searchable group list by zip code. Finally, like every good tool-creating group the Indivisible Plan’s creators recognize that the plan is a work in progress and they encourage groups to add to it, adjust it and adapt it to their communities’ needs and their group’s dynamics.

It will be interesting to see if the left can come together to fight like the Tea Party did without using the frowned upon violence and intimidation that the conservative disruptors became known for. The progressive movement is still very fractured but this guide shows potential, already listing 20 to 30 plus groups using the guide in the larger cities in Texas. Search for a group near you organizing and training here.



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