Forever Forward- Revolutionary Wishes for 2017

The Texas Bernie community came together in 2016 and became a force to be reckoned with. While we’ve seen some things we can’t unsee- some of which was honestly pretty traumatizing- we’ve also learned some things we can’t unlearn. Things that have made us stronger. Things that have made us wiser. Things that no one can take from us. And we have good reason to be hopeful as we enter 2017.

We at Progrexas wanted to start off this new year giving our staff and readers a chance to share some of what they’ve learned over the last year and give us all some advice for the path forward.

Be Informed.

New Year wish for the Revolution – that we are so vigilant and informed that we can fight Trump and lead people back to the light.- Linda Foley, retired Ft. Worth teacher, Longtime activist and Great-grandmother

Reject Name-calling.

My 2017 hope is that everyday Americans will stop labeling anyone who disagrees with them as stupid, and embrace the idea that our country has been best served when we take ideas and input from all sides.- Kaleigh Finn, DFW teacher, Independent, Millennial

Streamline Our Efforts

Let’s make this the year that we on the left start working together in solidarity. There’s too much at stake to be duplicating work, so let’s pool our resources so that those resources are not wasted. – Tyler Davis, Official “Web Guy” for Progrexas , Bernie Bro, DSA Co-Chair

Find New Allies.

I wish for the coming together of organizations that have some common goals even if they are not 100% aligned. For example to kick off my new food recovery project, the first business I am partnering with is Chick-Fil-A.  I have boycotted them for years and years but they see eye to eye with my organization’s goal of seeking to cure hunger. Revolutions of the 99% and fighting the oligarchy can create some strange bedfellows. –Lauren Tenney, Contributing Author for Progrexas, Co-founder of Now We Revolution 

Claim Your Power

My wish for all of us is that 2017 will be the year we embrace the full extent of our own power. We will reject blame because we have the courage to take full responsibility for our own actions. We will face unpleasant truths head on instead of avoiding them because we know we are strong enough to do so. And we will show our love for our communities by protecting them and serving them because we know that if we don’t, no one else will. And that’s okay because we’ve got this!  – Melissa Flores Davis, Contributing Author & Managing Editor for Progrexas, Educator and Activist

Shine Your Light

This past year has taught me that it’s ok to live your life on purpose and the importance of keeping your palabra, of radiating your own power, and growing with intention. This year let’s all keep fighting, pushing forward, relentless and focused in pursuit of the greater good. Let’s learn to say no to dead-ends, to cherish time as something nonrenewable, and to enjoy the learning process. Let’s speak truth to power, strengthening the spine with every magnanimous move, while never forgetting to caress the mind and heart with paperbacks and time with loved ones. – Kristian Hernandez, Contributing Author for Progrexas, DSA Co-Chair and VP for North Texas Dream Team

Stay committed, have faith and stand together.

In the winter of 1777 things were pretty hopeless. Loyalists to Britain outnumbered Revolutionaries 2 to 1 and fielded an army equal in size to that of the Continental Army. When added to the British Troops, the combined force outnumbered the revolutionaries 3 to 1 on the field. Washington led his battered troops to winter camp 20 miles northwest of Philadelphia where they immediately began to freeze, starve, and die of typhus by the hundreds.The only thing that held them together when all seemed lost was their COMMITMENT to the idea of America, faith in their leader,and fraternity with one another. This is our Valley Forge. Hunker down, hold on, check your neighbor. We’re not only going to get through this, we’re going to be VICTORIOUS for WE are the New Revolution!- D. Trent Champ,RA, National Delegate TX-SD24 (Temple) 


The path forward will not come from any one of us, but from all of us together. We at Progrexas thank you for helping us create a space where progressive voices can be lifted and the political revolution in Texas can be celebrated. We look forward to all of the transformative change that we will create together in 2017. Happy New Year!




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