T-Squared: Trib’s maternal mortality project wins an Online Journalism Award

We knew our investigation into why Texas women were dying at unusually high rates after childbirth was a massive wake-up call for the state’s health leaders.

Last weekend, our Dangerous Deliveries series got an extra vote of confidence: a prestigious national honor from the Online News Association.

Marissa Evans’ tireless reporting from South Texas all the way to Poland, Chris Essig’s vital data analysis and visualizations, and the work to engage our audiences in this series by Alex Samuels and Sierra Juarez won The Texas Tribune top honors in the explanatory journalism category.

Dave Harmon, our investigative editor, project managed the series, and put his elegant touch on the writing. Bryant Ju provided the heartbreaking illustrations.

We’re so proud of the entire team for this crucial journalism and grateful to be recognized for it. If you’re moved by this work — and if you’ve got a pulse, you will be — we hope you’ll consider supporting it and us during our Fall Member Drive.

Kudos to our crew; they’re some of the best in the business.



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