Texas Bernie Supporters Gather for Reunion in Dallas

On January 7th, Bernie Sanders supporters from around the state gathered in Dallas for a day long reunion event. Speakers and sessions focused on pushing the political revolution forward in Texas.



Bruce Carter of Black Men for Bernie gave a rousing speech about the importance and costs of organizing.


The event’s keynote speaker was legendary Texas progressive Jim Hightower who called on the audience to put the “progress back into progressive.”


The Skills Needed for 21st Century Organizing: An Interactive Workshop gave the reunion participants a chance to collaborate with each other as they brainstormed solutions to some common problems facing the political revolution.



#DemEnter: The Inside Revolution shared information about the move to reform the Democratic Party from the inside.

Credit: Mary Ann Knight
Credit: Mary Ann Knight



Running For Office in a Revolutionary Time allowed candidates who have run for office to share their wisdom with others who aspire to do the same.

Credit: Mary Ann Knight
Credit: Mary Ann Knight

Progressive Policies: Legislation in Action was a time for local activists to share information about the issues that are important to them and for information about the upcoming legislative session to be distributed.

Credit: Mary Ann Knight
Credit: Mary Ann Knight


What participants had to say about the event:

I found hope. Not the kind that Obama promised us, but genuine hope for the people whose voice may have been lost in the dissonance of corporate politics. I saw such a diverse group of people come together to not help themselves, but others. I live by Martin Luther King Jr’s quote, “An injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” and that can be said about all the topics discussed yesterday. Your problem is my problem and together we build hope.- Austin Caplinger

The biggest take away for me kept me up thinking all night about obstructionism. Even a broken clock is right twice a day and i prefer to work towards electing a government that is willing to work for everybody, not just progressives. Obstruction when its the right thing is absolutely neccesary, however, just using the tea party blue print and saying no to everything seems to be just party politics as usual.- Adrick Tran

It was wonderful and thanks for all of your hard work. I am inspired and going to file to be a precinct chair!- Lisa Paine 

It was both informative and inspiring.  Lots to do and lots of like minded folks going down parallel paths. Hope we all can get it together. – Bob Fusinato 
My takeaway is that we all have strengths and weaknesses.  Bruce Carter advised us to use them to help others.  Help those who can’t help themselves.  Use our strengths for unification because more is coming.  Pick an issue to focus on but stay involved with others issues because coalition is needed. Become a precinct chair, go to the Executive Committee meetings, build the Dem party we want and need.I am rekindled and empowered to get involved locally even if no one is doing it right.  Let go and Just do it! – Lisa Halperin

It was wonderful to see progressives in a place where like minds could exchange thoughts. The event was so graciously done. Plenty of food and beverages for all. Although starting a little slowly it picked up steam quickly. Helping to get a grasp of how the political structure here in Texas works was good. Giving encouragement to run for office. Sharing the experiences of those who had been on the Bernie campaign was interesting. Jim Hightower and Bruce Carter were especially good speakers. The focus on Texas education was enlightening and we’ll presented. Shared experiences of those who had run for office was really insightful. In my opinion it was well worth the time. Look forward to seeing things develop on the progressive front here in Texas. – Nigel Wilkerson

I’ve never felt more strength and inspiration in our revolution than I do right now. I thank everyone who made it out to the ribbon of 200+, and those who couldn’t, who allowed local Bernies the opportunity. We learned so much from our workshop, discussion, and speakers. This is only the beginning of our united effort to get everyone involved in the political system, to affect change and create government for the people. – Heather Amanda Allen

It was a perfect moment for us to network with fellow activists. It gave me the opportunity to talk about my public education bill, which many attendees have sworn to send to their legislators. I hope to see more of these kinds of events in the future. – Michael Messer

Yesterday we won.
All of it.
If they weren’t successful in extinguishing our flame, it’ll grow to inferno.
They weren’t.
Game Over.  – Trent Champ



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