Reject the Status Quo

Well, the Democrats lost this year. Big time. But the people who suffer will be more than just the handful of politicians who are cleaning out their offices.

I’m Danielle Pellett, and unlike the Millionaires in Congress, I actually work for a living.
I have massive amounts of student debt because interest rates jumped from 1.9% to 6.8%, and I couldn’t just ‘work two jobs’ and get a degree in Forensic Chemistry.

I’m running to represent We the People, the 99% who are struggling to get by. Also unlike politicians, I plan to always give the honest truth, even if those in power don’t like it.

I supported Bernie’s ideas to help the Middle and Working Class, so they can work hard to make ends meet. Congressman Pete Sessions, however, doesn’t care; he voted against raising the minimum wage, against unions, against getting clean water to Flint, and was willing to shut down the government time and time again. Now he’s for deregulating small banks to undo the progress done with Dodd-Frank.

That isn’t how government is supposed to work; this is why I’m running against him in 2018. And while I’m running with a “D” after my name, I’ve got issues with how my party has been running lately. Nancy Pelosi says that Democrats do not want to change the direction that the party is going. I strongly disagree.

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, you do not understand us. You wish the best for us, and yet go about the same patterns of adversarial gridlock rather than find solutions that help us all.

We have been duped into cycle after cycle of ‘they are the greater threat’. We must hearken back to the foundation of this union and recall the words of Benjamin Franklin, who said that those who sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither. Now that we’ve lost to a legitimate threat to our Democracy, perhaps it’s time try something better than fear-mongering, pearl-clutching, and empty platitudes?

This constant struggle and polarization has become so toxic that we had to choose between Corporate-sponsored Oligarchy and a Con-artist’s Fascism. A lot of us voted for her, but it wasn’t enough. In the wake of this past election, we are grateful. You have given us the opportunity to destroy this bitter, endless struggle.

We can reject this ‘us-vs-them’ dynamic once and for all. The Establishment Republicans and Democrats alike both stand to gain support and funding through finger pointing at each other. No innovation, no solutions… just targeted advertisements. Blind obedience through voting ‘straight ticket’ and scaring the electorate into acquiescing to the Party Agenda through exploiting the lowest common denominator.

“Donate, volunteer, get out the vote.”
“Support us. We’re the lesser of two evils.”

They both refuse to compromise with ‘the other party’ as a way to solicit more donations, all while kowtowing to corporate lobbyists behind closed doors.

And until the next election day comes; this is the political cycle we are burdened with.
Donate, volunteer, go out and vote.

Republican or Democratic Party. There is no other option.

That’s what you want us to believe; that’s why you refuse to embrace real change and innovation.

Why you both withhold support and funding to populist movements, in hopes to crush that which you cannot control. The Tea Party astroturf movement flourished because it was funded by the Koch Brothers and delivered votes to the GOP.
The DNC has learned to not directly attack these candidates, else you make a martyr. You simply want to kill the message. To take hope out of the equation.

Make it impossible for us to get any real reform done, in order to ensure that things are only done your way.
It’s about control; it’s not even ideology as you both have proven to be hypocrites on what you believe for political expediency.

Democratic or Republican.

Choose one.

Because any other choice is ‘useless’. You both have lost your way.
Trying to make us choose which is right, and which is wrong. As if policies are black-and-white… like a dysfunctional couple demanding their children ‘choose sides’… not to make peace, but to simply win.

What if the right choice is neither of you?

What do you believe in, small government and personal liberty unless it’s about LGBT people? Or getting union support while carrying out the wishes of the 1% and horrific trade deals while rubber-stamping mandatory enrollment into a for-profit healthcare monopoly?

You both have been fighting each other for so long that you’ve forgotten where you stand on the issues.
And two years from now, it will start all over again.

We, the 99%, cannot afford it any more.

We do not want or need you. We’ve learned how to stand up and run for office ourselves. We’re done making the same us-versus-them mistakes that have brought us here today.

Therefore, we reject and condemn both of you. You have failed as political parties, and in your wake will be Our Revolution. And a Brand New Congress.

Midterms Are Coming.



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