Our Revolution Texas Launches as First State Affiliate

As Bernie has said, “Campaigns end on election day, but revolutions endure.”

That’s why he launched Our Revolution in August so we could continue doing the work of reclaiming our democracy and creating a government that works for all of us, not just those at the top.

Now Our Revolution’s Board of Directors has voted in favor of creating the first state affiliate here in Texas. Our Revolution/Texas will operate as a volunteer-based, grassroots political movement and will be structured around nine separate regions across the state.

Say you’ll help us continue the political revolution by joining the Texas state affiliate of Our Revolution.

Starting in January, we will be holding organizing meetings in all nine regions. At these meetings we will hear from local progressives about how we will build and shape our movement in Texas, and each region will choose a delegate to serve on the Statewide Organizing Committee.

Our movement will be working in city halls, in the streets, in the media, on the web, in the capitol, and in elections at all levels. We’ll be running credible progressive candidates and issue-based campaigns. Our Revolution/Texas will not only raise issues, but organize to win on those issues and turn them into state policy.

Together we will work to advance Bernie’s core agenda on issues like getting big money out of politics, advancing racial and gender equality, fighting climate change, and raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour. And we will also develop our own set of Texas issues as we organize in our regions and communities across the state.

The diverse membership of Our Revolution/Texas will unite as a movement behind each one of our many fights for justice and human dignity. We’re excited to get started, and we hope you are too:

Become a member of the Texas state affiliate of Our Revolution and help us continue the political revolution.

Let’s organize grassroots Texans to empower themselves and help return Texas to the people. We look forward to working with you to revitalize democracy here in our home state of Texas.

– The team at Our Revolution/Texas



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